Market stall & Info stall are produced by us for more than 35 years, weather-proof wooden stands with a watertight canvas roof, sustainable and eco-friendly for professionals!

klipklap Market stand from wood mit gestreifter Plane klipklap wooden Market stall 2m mit Zipfel-roof klipklap wooden Market stand with display board klipklap ecological Info stall i1.5 sustainable klipklap Indoor-Info stand 1m eco-friendly klipklap Hexagonal-Market stall from wood Catering-Stand klipklap Schattenspender 2m Garden klipklap Market stall 6m medieval catering

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klipklap Marktstand K2 2m Stecksystem

MarkEt staLL K2

Market stalls for professionals - extendable by 2m sections

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klipklap Info stall i1.5 BUND

Info Stand i1.5

Info stalls eco-friendly - branding and accessories for out-door promotion

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klipklap hexagonal pavilion 3,5m catering

Hexagonal pavilIon

Hexagonal pavilions for public bar - with counter and pantry

more Hex pavilions klipklap German
klipklap medieval Zipfel cone roof market sall

Zipfel staLL Z2

Zipfel stalls are eye-catcher - coloured canvas to set a course

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klipklap stand-up display dreiseitig Cork-Pin wall

Stand-up Display

Displays eco-friendly - steady indoors and outdoors

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klipklap ökologisches Stelltafelsystem mit Wechselrahmen

Display system

Display system sustainable - for indoor-presentation & exhibition

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We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialist market equipment manufacturer.
The klipklap wooden market stalls are made and sold by us. They have been developed by us and have proved their use for years. Craftsmen and artisans prefer the attractive and strong stalls made out of oiled wood with a light natural coloured canvas made out of waterproof cotton.
The endlessly extendable klipklap stall system can be assembled quickly without tools. It is variable in size depending on your necessity. All canvasses are tightly braced. A large variety of equipment enables you to create your klipklap stand individually, - from an eye-catching handicraft stall with an open working place covered by a roof - to an attractive medieval stand or as a sustainable information stall for environmental groups, for NGOs, natural goods, catering, sales promotion ...