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Potters stall

Artisans and craftsmen often opt for these stable and convenient market stalls. They are made from oil varnished wood and a bright naturally coloured cotton tarpaulin, made of waterproof fabric.

Special canvas roofs from blended fabric and various colours accentuate your desired image.

Beginners-offer K2

Professionals-offer K4

Cone shaped-offer Z2

Compact i1.5

Gallery of Stalls


Eco-friendly market stalls for professionals -
with environmental standard!

For the past forty years the eco-friendly
klipklap market stalls have stood the test of market life with great success and can be seen in many markets.

Market stalls with many accessories ...

klipklap market stalls are flexible and endlessly extendable. The innovative construction makes it possible to attach many more sections depending on whatever the occasion demands!

... market stalls for all occasions ...

For any purpose, be it promotion or catering, for selling organic or artistic goods, the environmentally aware image of
klipklap market stalls is authentic and impressive to consumers.

how to set up?

waterproof canvas?

colored market stall striped gruenweiss, gelbweiss, rotweiss, blauweiss
... eco-friendly market stalls in various colours!

Market stall with front cover

Wake up!

Front and side covers

easy to set up: market stalls

Childs play to assemble it:
by a single person without any tools in just a few minutes
(K4 4m ca. 10 minutes), due to the plug in system with stainless metal hinges!
klipklap market stalls!

The counter is assembled from four boards made of strong plywood in every 2m section and are secured against movement.

how to assemble a market stall

Diagonal supports at the front ...

Wooden toggles attach the tarpaulins with each other and the wooden frame.

Diagonal supports prop the market stall at the side so it doesn't wobble. The thread for the butterfly screw is in the wooden supporting rack.

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... only a single screw needed.

3m Market stall with counter for food

Counter height 110 cm for catering stalls available and a washable front cover underneath which is a convenient sideboard at work height 85 cm

tightly braced canvas: market stalls

No rain water collects on top due to waterproof impregnated and braced canvas with turn-in wooden pins:
turn-in, brace, pin!

The canvases of further sections of the market stall can be pinned on overlapping, endlessly …
All tarpaulins are tightened in between crossbars inside the tarpaulin.

- turn-in
- brace
- pin

tighten the canvas

Also available a handsome LED lighting for market stalls!

Halogen-Spot NVSpotlight 150W

Height adjustable storm-props extend the bases of the market stall, protecting it from tilting or collapsing from the power of a storm (used in side covers as well).

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