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usable on all sides!

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- for outdoor & indoor!

Caterng-Marktstand D2

Catering Stall D2 -
usable on all sides!

klipklap Market stall D2 comes without back tarpaulin.
This enables particular usage  - an all around usable catering-stall for buffet - a shadowy garden table for families - a vending table with  market flair inside or outside the shop!

Additional desk covers in stock!



further accessories:


The klipklap Catering stall is often used as a stylish  self-service buffet or for to draw attention to special products inside shops. But it is also very useful for private garden parties on sunny days.


D2 Catering Market stall 2 m

Size (cm):
Transport rate
Stall width 200
wooden frame 240 x20 x15
free headroom 200
desk-boards 100 x50 x7
covered depth  240
tarpaulin 220 x15 x15
Table depth 100
weight ca. 30 kg
Table height 75

Coloured canvas!

Marktstände bunt klipklap Market stalls can be supplied with multi colored tarpaulins: our most common cotton canvas in natural shades and colored awning cloth (artificial fabric) in single colour or striped.

By the way: All klipklap Market stalls are fitted with a mounting to roll up the back tarpaulin.

Cateringstand mit Plexiglas-Theke

Plexiglass desk attachment

For a professional bar counter we have a plexiglass attachment for the service desk, height 35 cm with a 20 cm shelf on top (often needed as sanitation shelter).
cateringstand D2 Marktstand 2m mit Standblende

A pictorial Assembly guide comes with the klipklap Market stall and a video can be seen there.

More pictures of klipklap Market stalls in our Gallery!

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Marktstand 2m Marktstand 2m Marktstand 2m  Marktstand Honig