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This practical wooden stall system has been proved in professional markets for many years, enabling stress free and weatherproof work in pedestrian areas, at outside presentations or conferences and many different promotions.

klipklap Info stalls are easily assembled by a single person without any tools in just a few minutes. The cotton canvases are waterproof and tightly braced with turn-in wooden pins. Simplicity in its parts enable effortless transportation and handling.

Info stall BUND Bayern

Infostall 4m with walk-in section

klipklap Info stall K4 - 4m - 2m walk-in section

klipklap Info stall i1.5 - 1,5m

klipklap Info stalls are available in two systems:

K2, K4 …
- big system with 240 cm maximum transportation length

and i1.5 …
- small system with 150 cm max. transportation length

Green Info stall > green!

Der Sonnenschirm taz - die wahrheit

professionally equipped with theklipklapINFO STALL

Infostall Solar energy

Info stall K2 with styled desk cover

Info stall with Green Party logo

Info stall i1.5 with styled display board

Info stall K2 / K4 …

  • combined cover for roof and back
  • side cover fits left or right
  • storm props hold the back
  • walk-in section
  • 2m section of K4 separately usable

possible accessories:

  • display board with logo and text
  • desk front cover
  • side shelve, 3 adjustable shelves
  • brochure/leaflet holder A4
  • transport bag for the frame, PVC

leaflet holder for info stalls

Leaflet holder A4 are attachable to either stand side, documents will be hold by an elastic cord.

Info stall i1.5

  • combined cover roof & back
  • side cover fits left or right
  • storm props hold the back
  • transport length only 150cm
  • desk usable separately without roof

possible accessories:

  • display board with logo/text
  • desk painted, 6 elastic cords for holding documents
  • brochure/leaflet holder A4
  • additional shelf underneath the desk for spare stuff
  • halogen spots on plug-in holders

see Market stalls beginners offer K2

Presentation inside: Displays